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Prom Babies

What would you do to avoid something that you feel would take too much time, effort and cause too much pressure and stress? There are probably several things that you would try, but I would think that the last thing would be to have a baby.

The new avoidance tactic is prom babies. Girls, most of whom have scholarships, are ‘book smart’ but apparently that is where their wisdom ends. They set up an inter-gender party, or rent a hotel room after prom, and set out to get pregnant so they can avoid college. Because we all know that it is a lot easier to raise a child then it is to commit yourself to four to eight years of education.

As I said before, these are mostly girls that have scholarships, and come from middle class to wealthy families. This blows my mind. Are they thinking of the guys future, their parents, most important the baby that is born out of avoidance? Have the parents ever talked to them about responsibility? There are single women with babies that attend college because they want something better, so what makes these girls think that this is a valid excuse?

There are things that I would like to avoid, and some that I do by putting something else in it’s place. Like my studies, I might feel the pull to journal, yet I will find something to take it’s place such as going to the bank, or going to the church building and working on the video, that always makes me feel better because hey, I can comfort myself because I am providing a service for the Church. I know that is a cop out, but I do give into the pull of journey with God, I will pull out my studies and feel better for it. The thing is I am not putting up a road block that makes it harder to go back to what is needed. 

I could go on about the similarities between our avoidance, and make this a post about our road blocks that we put up for ourselves, but to be truthful I think this is the ultimate in a selfish act with no regard of ones actions and the effect on an innocent child that deserves better. I know that young men and women make mistakes, have babies before they intended and sometimes that mistake tears families apart, it destroys their dreams, or adds to the stress of following that dream. I believe that this is belittling their struggles, bringing this on to oneself to avoid an education.

Instead of facing their parents and turning away the scholarship for someone that would appreciate it, they must have an ‘accident’, ‘It’s not my fault.’ ‘It was beyond my control.’ Taking responibility is part of life, decisions need to be evaluated and the long term effects have to be taken into account. How far does a white lie go? Next time you tell a little white lie to avoid that meeting, that dinner date with friends, work, etc. look around, what are you teaching the ones that learn from you. What example are you giving to the ones that believe what you do is the right thing? You can say that influence come from different aspects in their life, a parent is the biggest influence. I am not blaming the parents on this, I know that no matter how much you do, kids get pulled into what is percieved as good ideas, I just believe that our small examples can be used in a way we had never thought of before.



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Today is Friday and we go get the kids today. So once again not much to say, just excited and ready, a little giggly too. I have left a couple of weekend videos from the seventies, some of you will remember and some of you will say, ‘that was your entertainment? REALLY?’ Yep. Enjoy. Oh, and one video for Monday morning.
Wrestling fans will recognize the Superstar. One of the first great smack talker, eventhough he stumbles a little.

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It seems like everyone is looking for the fountain of youth. This is not a new thing of course, people have been searching for a special potion to put off old age for a long time. Is it vanity, fear of death, fear of the unknown or all three? Age creams, Botox, and the like, staying young is a multi-billion dollar industry. We fork over our hard earned money for the next big thing in hope that it might work this time. We long for who we used to be, watching a younger generation coming up, knowing that we were once there.

Waking up one day and realizing that you are not there anymore, people are addressing you as sir or maam. They don’t think that you understand their lifestyle, what they are going through. Just an old person at a stalemate in their life. What? I invented those problems. If it wasn’t for my generation you wouldn’t even have it as good as you do now. Those clothes are filthy did you buy them that way? Okay, forget that last part, that does sound old. But you get the picture. Why do we want to preserve our youth? We will still get older, the years will still go by, if 60 is the new 40 then will the younger people hang out with you and if they do, will they be embarrassed by the ‘youthful’ way you act? 

The reason I started this is I read an article in Men’s Health about a month or two ago about a protein pill that will add up to 30 quality years to your life. Dr. Makoto Kuro-O is a pathologist at the University of Texas found that the protein in mice had a positive effect on prolonging their life. Actually he started the project in Japan while doing an experiment on hypertension in mice. The experiment meant that he needed to mutate a mouse gene. In doing the experiment he had to inject a fertilized mouse with DNA before the first line of cell division. Without getting too far away from what I was talking about the long and short of it is that most of the mice did fine, but one line began to die at an early age, 2 months as opposed to 2 years. Showing signs of aging of that as a human: skin atrophy, emphysema, etc. mimicking that of an 80-year-old human.

Wow, isn’t that something. The mice were aging at an accelerated pace, and he found something that will prolong life. Well, to make a long story even longer, Dr. Kuro-O found that it was a protein deficiency in the effected mice, the formerly unknown protein was named klotho after the Greek god of fate responsible for spinning the thread of life. Of course it is still a long road for it to be transferred to use on humans, because of how it affects our glucose levels. When asked if Dr. Kuro-O would use it to pro-long his life, he stated in part, “..I’m negative on using klotho to extend healthy people’s lives. We don’t know what would happen.” Stating earlier that illness does not come from aging but from being more opened to the cause of diseases because of free radicals building up in our body as we get older. If we use klotho to pro-long our life we might be opening the door to new strains of age related disease. Of course the drug will have a positive effect on the current age related diseases, and it has that bonus side effect.

Are you still awake? If you are, then my point is why would we want to live that long on earth? We worry about looking younger, but then we would like to live longer but look good doing it. I think that if we look at appearing young over the fear of getting old are we not turning away from faith about a promise of heaven and meeting our Lord and Saviour? Meeting our creator, spending an eternity in a wonderful place that we cannot even imagine. Should we not be hungry for that?  All the cosmetic surgery and creams will not hide what you will look like when you get to heaven. You will be beautiful for an eternity, why worry about how you are aging now?

No matter what scientist might come up with I know that no one will be able to live past 120-yrs. Emiliano Del Toro is the oldest documented man alive, he turned 115-yrs-old this past Aug. He lives in a village in Puerto Rico with his family, he is blind, almost deaf, the nephew has to cup his hands over the man’s ear and yell, he is tired and is ready to go. He sleeps most of the time, remembers a very colorful past with a smile, and he is ready to go. What have we done, or not done, in our time that God has given us to want to strive to live to a ripe old age?

I am not disputing that living a long life is good. But Living an eternity is better. We won’t live forever, make everyday count. Below is a list of ways that scientist have found that helps extend our life in not such a ‘high tech way’, funny thing is I see a correlation between some of their findings and what God tries to tell us. 

In years: 1+ Dark Chocolate-because of the antioxidants.  2+ Stay involved in group activities like softball, basketball, etc.-combination of exercise and group interaction. 2+ Stop worrying-stress undermines the immune system. 3+ Go to church, or meet with others in the same belief-University of Pittsburgh researchers found worshipping weekly together may add years to a person’s life. 8+ Have faith that you will live longer-study participants in a Canadian study found that those who predicted they would live 8 years longer actually did.

May God bless you in your journey and your life,


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