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Wedding of the Century.

  We got back from the wedding Tuesday, it was beautiful and we had a wonderful time with everyone. Nee-Nee’s family is so fun to be with. You would think with that many people it would be a handful, and a little bit of a headache. It definitely was neither. It was hectic at times, but the family worked so well with each other. Brandy, the bride, and Dustin, the groom, and both sides of the family worked so hard and everything went off without a hitch. It began to rain before the ceremony, and with the wedding being outside we had a few worried moments, but it cleared up just in time. The sparklers we used at the reception as the bride and groom were leaving almost started a small fire, but hey other then that it was great.

I put a slide show on the side if you would like to see the pics of the wedding.



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