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Yea, yea I have been tagged.  I get to play. I am so excited. Dusty tagged me, eventhough it was solicited, doesn’t matter I was tagged.

1. I am an identical twin and I get to see her soon, in June.  Her name is Janeen.

2. I  am very uncordinated.  I can’t even ride a bike, that’s why I like to encourage everyone else, a cheerleader of sorts.

3.  I don’t like to wear my glasses, although my eyesite is not good at all.  I usually lose them at church and have designated Valdy Eichman to always be on the look out for them.

4. I have 2 sons and a daughter that are grown.  1 daughter-in-law and soon to be 1 son-in-law.

5. I was born and raised on a ranch in Colorado and showed market steers in 4-H.

6. I would like to retire and tour the U.S in an R.V also, just as soon as I get Doug raised.

7. I have  2 brothers and 4 sisters that are coming to our daughter’s wedding in June.  All of the girls names end in een.  Colleen,Noreen,Janeen,Bernadeen, and Valleen.  My dad wanted to keep the rhyme thing going with the boys. Judd and Rudd,but my mom thought that she had been accommodating enough and named my youngest brother Shane and messed it all up.

8. I have an associates degree in Computer Operating Systems.  Most of the information has been totally lost, not what I really wanted to do.

9.  I think when I grow up I really would rather be a nurse.

10. Without mentioning any names,  Patrick Swayze and Katie Couric look a likes live at Germantown.

Whew,that was kinda hard.



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I was tagged by my Sis. and if I remember anything from my youth with her that it is she tags too hard. Lets see what to reveal.

1. I know that it sounds like I am copying from Jan, but I can play several instruments. I used to love to listen to my sisters play piano, so I just figured I could do whatever they could do, probably better. So who needs lessons when you are a prodigy? Eventually Mom got tired of my compositions and sent me to take lessons. I also play a twelve string guitar, and bass guitar. In school I played Tuba, and sit in to play Trombone, and French Horn.

2. I am an artist. I work in different medias which are: pen and ink; scratch board; graphite; and water colors, my favorite is paint-by-numbers.

3. My first time to watch wrestling was at my Grandfathers house, which was Mid South wrestling at the time. My Mom wouldn’t let us at home, probably because my older Brother and I couldn’t wait to try some of the moves on each other. I remember that my Granddad and I would watch it every Saturday morning, I miss that.

4. I rode my first horse at a young age. My Gramps, my Mom’s dad, lived in Oklahoma and when I would get on my cousins and Brothers nerves they would have Gramps throw me on a horse for a while.

5. There is a ten and eleven year difference in my age and my sisters, when they were in their late teens they would invite me into their room and let me listen to their records while I swept the floor. I felt so grown-up!

There you go, that was almost painless. I think that Jan could have dug a little deeper and told who initiated some of the pranks my siblings pulled on their innocent little brother. One more for me. 6. I am the youngest in our family.

Okay now it is time for me to tag someone, but who?

1. It isn’t nice to tag someone you haven’t been formally introduced to, so I hope that John Dobbs doesn’t mind.

2. My favorite college guy Seth.

3. Daddys girl Brittany Shaye.

4. Thomas can play. Olley Olley Oxen Free!

5. And like Jan said feel free to join in..


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