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What a game! Prince was awesome! A little disappointed in the commercials, but other then that the game was great! Who would have thunk that the Colts would have made it this far? Hayden had that interception a 56 run back, yeah, baby! And then right after that Sanders snagged another one minus the touchdown. I have a new respect for the Colts, Tony Dungy speaks softly, coaches without one swear word, a Christian coach with a Christian attitude, I wish that I would have known more about him before tonight. He leads by respect not fear, that is something that other coaches could get schooled in. If my teams couldn’t be in, I am glad that a team like this won. The comeback kids, congrats!

Well now what? Football is over, I am sad. I know March Madness is coming, I guess Basketball is okay. But it’s one of those things that if I am not there it is hard for me to watch. I’ll find something to keep me busy for the next six months, but ain’t nothin’ like the football!



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