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Light & Day

I thought that I would put these videos on today. The group is The Polyphonic Spree, the lead singer used to be in a group called The Tripping Daisies, he has been called gay because of his movements and overall happiness, the group has been called a cult because of the robes. There has been more judging for this happy little troupe, I don’t know if any of the rumors are true, I just know that they are happy and they sing uplifting songs, and at times praise God. I think that no one can understand how they can be happy all the time. That seems to get on peoples nerves, they look for any weakness in them and can’t wait to point out any contradiction. Sound familiar? I admit they are easy targets, maybe because they are not worried what the world thinks. I ask you to watch their video and listen truly to your thoughts, did they make you feel good, or uncomfortable? The 2nd video has finishing commentary by Dr. Dorian while The Polyphonic Spree plays in the background.


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I added some videos on the vodpod so enjoy. I really like the group Brand New, they have a really cool sound and their songs are not just one dimensional. Their new album is aptly called: ‘The Devil and God are Raging Inside of Me.’ -click on the pause button then close it if you do not want to listen to the whole song. The audio will keep playing if you just close it.

I enjoy listening to mainstream music that questions or show a knowledge of the Bible and the struggles that we find ourselves in. Some bands are not afraid to mention the struggles they have, some thinly veil their struggle or concerns, but if you listen you see it. Not just bands but if you listen hard enough you will hear the questions in your friends words, your associates, even maybe your family.

When I was younger in a different lifestyle, my friends would talk about faith, and what their obstacles of faith were, their longing to believe, but what they saw at services they might have attended and their understanding of God’s love  were two different things. They also had misunderstood some of the scripture because of how it was taught to them or they would switch it to their understanding. Different reasons but there was a longing, a stirring inside them. A stirring in people that most thought of as lost, poor souls that did not have a chance.

I felt at times that I was not strong enough to help them, I would try with a minimal effort. That has haunted me for a long time, because I have found that people that are considered lost because of their vocal disbelief or stance against ‘organized religion’ make the strongest Christians. They usually have an unflappable strength, God uses their strength that once made them a foe to Christianity, to now use that strength to show His truth and love. I enjoy the light in them because I feel that at times it is a light that fades in me, I see the fire burning inside of them even in their deifiance, and it is hard to see the light in me as I call myself a Christian.

I think that is the reason I go toward secular music at times, don’t get me wrong I enjoy Christian based music, but I also like to see the fire in the secular groups, even if it appears a little edgy at times, because if you continue to listen you might even notice a change that will challenge the strength of your own faith.


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Something that I enjoy about song is the meaning you get from the lyrics. Sometimes you get a peek at the questions or spiritual struggles that the artist holds. I can listen to Leonard Cohen over and over and always get something new. He is a Zen Monk every word to him has a meaning, you have to keep that in mind when you listen to his songs. Some can be viewed as sexual because of how we might interpret them, others are as if you are listening to his prayers. The ones I put here I ask that you listen to the words, soak them in and not take them all for face value.

Hallelujah is a song of praise, searching, individual worship and I am sure there is more. I put two versions of this song because the one that Allison Crowe does has different lyrics after the first verse. I could not find a good video of ‘Who By Fire’ but I found someone that performed a great cover of it. Leonard Cohen became a Monk on Mount Baldy and when he came back found that he was wiped out by his girlfriend or wife I am unsure now which, but she took everything from him. Amazing, imagine coming back from what must have been for him a spiritual high, and finding that your material possessions are gone. A little ironic..don’t ya think? 

Monks meditate to his songs still today. I ask that you listen to these but I understand they might not be your cup of tea, I enjoy them because they can hold so many things and are not always right in your face. Also on ‘If It Be Your Will’ whoever created this video piece did a stunningly visual job, I believe that the graphics are from Final Fantasy, might not be, but either way, I ask that it does not pull you away from the lyrics.

I left Damien Rice too…just because.

Have a blessed day,


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Finally Friday

I am going to get the kids today!! So I may not post, unless the kids have something to say, again until Sun. or not I don’t know, I’m just so happy. So I will leave you with a couple or three videos. Happy Weekend!

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Deano to Devo and beyond

The end of the year and I just can’t seem to stop reminiscing about the past. So here goes again.

My father has a cylinder player. At least that is what I call it. It was before record players, and it played cylinders that you would put on a spindle and wind it up by using a crank that was on the player, then placing a needle down on it like you would a record player and voila music. Okay you might be having a hard time imagining such a machine, especially with  the way that I am describing it, but hopefully you get the gist of it.

It was my Grandfathers and I think that it is so cool. The cylinders came in a brown hard cardboard sleeve, with a decoration of some kind and the artist and title. I grew up as I assume most of you did with albums, or as those crazy kids call them now, ‘vinyl’. My first 45 was Roberta Flack’s ‘Killing Me Softly With His Song.’ My sisters picked it up for me when I was 7 or 8(?) because I wanted something with real music, I had some 78s of books and probably a Disney soundtrack, but I wanted something like they had. I don’t know if they put any thought into it or not, or if it was just a joke, but I loved that 45, I wore it out! I think that I still have it somewhere.

I have probably close to 300 albums I have collected, mostly from when I was growing up. At that time though I did not realize I was collecting them per say as much as enjoying them. The covers were so inviting, so colorful. Some albums would open up to reveal the words or more pictures. They might have posters in them, and since they were bigger say then the CDs we have now, the posters could really be poster size.

The advantages with albums were that they could switch them up a little. I have an Alice Cooper album ‘From The Inside’ that when you open it up it would look like the inside of an asylum, and there was a little door you could open that said Quiet Room and inside was a picture of Alice. On the back you could open the doors to the ‘asylum’ which revealed a picture of everyone with their release papers running outside! So cool. I had a Sweet, (a band in the seventies), album called ‘Give Us A Wink’ that had eyes on the cover and when you pulled the sleeve out it would wink! A Steve Miller album that had the ‘Book Of Dreams’ cover painted on the disk itself. A blue Beatles album, a red Beatles album, a blue Elvis album. The list could go on and on.

Sure albums had skips, but sometimes the hisses and pops make it for me. I used to tape a penny on the head of the needle to help stop the smaller skips, try to fix your cd player by using a little southern ingenuity. And you could pile up records in ‘queue’ and let them drop down. If you chose to ‘shuffle’ your music, just lift the arm up, move the needle to the song you wanted and before you know it you’re shuffling. For ‘continuous play’ you could just leave the arm up and it would play the album again, the first side anyway. And you could ‘skip’ to different songs if you wanted, (see note on shuffle). Much like modern cds.

But say you wanted something to listen to in your car, well how about eight tracks? Bulky, if you wanted to hear a song again you had to wait until it came back around to it or go to track 1, 2, 3, or 4 and wait but not as long.  Or the song that you really wanted to hear would be between tracks, causing it to fade out and change track and fade back in. Then of course came cassettes.

CDs bring back some of the fun of albums and are more compact, hence the name compact disc. And some of the packaging is fun, and the art is wonderful. I see how our kids, all of them, will look at the linear notes in their cds, search the words, and an overall excitement with the music. Now mp3s are becoming more popular with downloadable graphics and videos, which is all well and good but to me it just doesn’t seem like it is something that you own. Like it isn’t a part of that artist, not like the feel an album had.

 I like cds, I have almost 200. Some are ones I transfered over from album and a mix of old and new, country to gospel to hard rock. I like all kinds. But I miss the magic of an album.


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