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We interrupt this baseball season for a few words on da football.  Only four months and 26 days before the Hogs play against Alabama, Aug. 15, in expectation for this great event I have included a D. Mac video to put the fear in the other teams. They ask ‘How do you stop #5?’ How do you stop #5 indeed. I also like the play against LSU. From what I hear Mustain will be going to USC to be a Trojan, sorry Trojans.

Also, four months and 24 days until preseason games start for the Broncs, Aug. 13, I included a rewind of Cutlers season and a rewind of the ’06-’07 season of the Broncs. ’07-’08, ‘The Broncos will win..the AFC..’ Sing it loud, with feeling this time.



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