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Media the Last Word.

I of course watch the news to keep up with the lousy stuff of the world. If I want to see the good stuff of the world I just turn my t.v. off and walk outside. Fortunately, the media is not the last word anymore, now with the Internet you can see warm hearts, and interesting takes on the condition of the world. Of course you get negative opinions also, but that is part of the diversity isn’t it? At least it is not just one angle of the story, or the guidance and instigating factors that the big media gives.

I was watching a news program last night where the host was interviewing a girls father, the same girl whos sister described her as bigger than life, and that she was not meant for this world anyway her personality was too big, or something to that effect, it was her way to be comforted by knowing that her sister had gone Home. Of course she was mourning the loss, but had a positive outlook. The father was visually upset, but not really tearful, the reporter had to push buttons, ‘you are holding back the tears really well for a man that had just lost his daughter’, ‘yes’, the reporter pushed a little more, ‘for a man that had just lost his little girl.’ The tears came a little more. Money shot, I could hear his thoughts. Then of course they want to antagonize just a little bit too. Should this have happened? Two hours earlier people were shot in a dorm across campus. I forgot the fathers reply because you could tell he was just thinking of his daughter and he voiced that he just wanted to see her one more time.

Matt Lauer had an interview yesterday with a group of kids at Virginia Tech, he asked the same question, one young man said that we should concentrate on the people and their families right now and not point fingers. Matt had to ask the question again, although I thought that it was answered well by this young man. Matt finally got one of the young women to go with him, saying that the administration had their cell phone numbers and they could have massed text everyone. They have a mass text messaging system and it should have been used, but does that comfort anyone?

The media reminds me of those kids at school that will come up to you and pretend to be your friend, instigating arguments between you and others. It’s flaming the emotional fires that are already blazing, dealing with grief, shock, anger and if they reach out to faith then the media wants to turn that into something else. During another interview on The Today Show a security analyst from Dallas was wanting to show support to Virginia Tech, and was cut off from finishing his thoughts to answer a question of, ‘What blame does the school hold?’

We should be concerned about preventing this from happening again, and if I saw any true concern or an attempt to comfort from the media I would see it more as an outreach and less then an attempt to receive an award.  When a community has experienced a tragedy and is bum rushed from outsiders that do not have an emotional attachment, looking for juicy headlines it only hinders the healing process.



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