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Thank you for your comments on ‘Discipline’ it’s nice to know that others struggle with the same things that you do. Though we know that our struggles are not unique to us alone, sometimes we feel that ours might be worse, when of course it is not. So I wanted to thank everyone again for sharing.

Speaking of discipline, it is Nee-Nee’s birthday! Putting up with me takes a lot of discipline, and she is a trooper in that area. I included her in a ‘Fiery Friday’ post once, so you might already know how much she means to me. But that only skimmed the surface. She is my hero. She picks me up when I am down, even though I might argue against it, she gets me going. She is my cheerleader on any projects that I start. She cheers me on when I don’t see anything good in what I have done. I am very skeptical, and cautious of people, she sees what they could be, she has helped me in this and many other areas. She gently prods me in getting up and going to church, or activities that I volunteered for, it’s sad to say but yes, sometimes I need proding. She tells me that I will feel better if I do, and turns out she is always right. She can answer my questions on what I consider weighty issues in the bible, she is my light. There is no doubt that she is a blessing, an answer to a prayer, it was a growth, but if I kept going in the life that I created I would not be the same person I am now.

They say that behind every great man, is a great woman. I say, behind this growing, seeking man is a strong, wonderful, Christian, loving, caring woman. And her name is Noreen, or Nee-Nee if you will.

I love you, baby.




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