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See the rain

 I can’t see the sun, but I don’t always see the rain. The cover of the clouds hiding a peaceful song.     
Merry Christmas! Or should I say Merry Early Christmas to those that read this before Christmas. I pray that everyone has a great Christmas. The older kids will be here tomorrow, Sunday, and will stay through Christmas Eve. We look forward to them coming and dread them leaving. I like this time of year we have family surround us during Thanksgiving, and then a month later we have family with us again. Sometimes the people that we missed on Thanksgiving gets to spend time with us on Christmas. I also pray that everyone has a safe arrival and departure.
I think that sometimes we see the sun, but along side the sun is the clouds just waiting to rain down on us. We are always reminded while we celebrate with our family that we need to remember the ones that don’t have family through the holidays, or those that have just lost a loved one and this is their first holiday without them. There are addicts that are in a shack getting high, or with a needle sticking out of their arm laying on their floor. There are kids that are without family this holiday, and everyday.
These things sound depressing but I like the rain, I celebrate it. During our sunny celebration there are bound to be rain clouds somewhere, this leads to an opportunity doesn’t it? Funny as it sounds, praise the Lord for these people and the thorns they bring. This keeps us from being complacent. We can visit these people and bring the sun, or we can do something with our family such as pray together for them and bring a rainbow into their life. Not everyone can be helped, nor does everyone want to be helped so God knows how to touch, we just ask Him to use us as a conduit. I think that it is good to see the rain that surrounds our sunny days, it doesn’t mean that it should be depressing it just means that we know that we need our umbrella wherever we go, because if you ask a pessimist, there is always a hundred percent chance of rain.
Also, in Williamsville, we are going to be Grandparents. I know, I know I am too young and good looking to be a grand pa, but I will. I actually will be a step grandpa but with the situation being the way it is, I will be a grandpa. It will be Brian’s, Noreen’s youngest son, and his wife’s. A little girl to be born in April. We are so excited about the news. Noreen wants to be Nanny Nee-Nee and I want to be Grampy Doug. It will be close enough to Grumpy Grampy at times, oh what fun we will have with that name. I did not know if I wanted to be Grampy or Gramps because on my mom’s side her dad was Gramps to me. Though he wasn’t that bad to me, he was bad to mom, but it is my chance to make Gramps a fun name as it is intended. See? Sunshine out of rain.
God bless us everyone!

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