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I am now celebrating my 42 yrs of life. I would like to think my mom and dad for bringing me into this world. To my sisters Jan and Jackie for tickling me senseless, allowing me to be their living dress up doll at will, dressing me up as a beggar to solicit money when mom and dad had company, and many other things to prepare me for the harsh realities of the world. To my big brother: a wrestling partner, putting me in holds so that I would know how to get out of a figure four leg lock just in case someone decided to put me in one later, tying me up until I figured out how to break free just in case someone did it to me later, or if I decided to ever become a magician. It is a lucky thing that I am the youngest, or I don’t know if I would have survived life thus far.

Overall I have had a good life. Though somethings I would not like to go through again, I would not change a thing. I have a wonderful wife, wonderful kids, wonderful Church family. I had a loving family growing up, my dad was a great playmate, caring, a wonderful teacher. My mom was a loving, caring person and a great friend. They raised us in a Christian environment, and they both taught me a thing or two about cooking, one recipe mom taught me was how to make a mean mud pie, which I still make to this day. ( Noreen refuses to eat on mud pie night, go figure. ) I told you about my sisters and brother, I love them. I looked up to them so much that I would have happily gone through what I did and so much more.

I pray that when my kids reach this age that they will look back and see how much everyone loved them. I pray that they see the support base, and a Christian attitude in all that have an influence in their life. I pray that they won’t give me grief as they get older and try and find themselves. I don’t think they will, but if they do, I pray that the ties that bind are strong enough to turn them around and see that they are truly loved.

I love you daddy, Jan, Jackie, Mike, Nee-Nee, Brittany, Anthony, Jamie, Kati, and everyone else that has sneaked into my life. I love and miss you granddad, grandmother, mom, and all the others that have sneaked out of my life, but not out of my heart. The things that all of you have taught me: priceless.



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