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Luke 15:11-32  – In the story of the prodigal son we are shown that not only do we walk away from the Father when we fall away but we walk away from our family also. It seems human nature to want our rewards while we are here on earth, our Father is a giving Father it is easy for us to take the good things and walk away under the pretense that we can make it on our own. How heavy are the burdens when we separate ourselves from Him.

The reason I believe that it is human nature, is that God gives us a longing of what is to come. We can feel His love and He has given us a sense of self. Without Him these feelings are foreign to us, giving us a false sense of self. There is a reason that we have Brothers and Sisters in Christ, it is a support base, keeping us focused, and on track.

When we have trials we are burdened but how great is it to feel that love of your Father and family. When we go through difficult times without a loving Father, and without a loving family trying to wrestle with issues on our own, we find ourselves lost and ultimately alone.  I know the feeling of the prodigal son, but I can also relate to the feelings of the faithful one. I have had jealousy over others that have returned and received a welcome home. Where were they during the work that was done? Maybe they are still lost, keep an eye on this one. I thought these things as I smiled and shook their hands calling them my Brother or Sister. Knowing deep inside that this is needed, they were out of the fold and now they are back.

At times it was because I was raised ‘knowing’ the word, knowing my Father and I have heard of this Brother, but I also knew him for what he was. (I will use Brother here, but it could easily be a Sister.) The thing is, this brother knew me for what I was also. So, how dare he come in, and he knows the word in a way that I have not seen it before. I fool myself at times that my study is the last word on God’s will. A dangerous area that we all reach sometimes, if you have never experienced that then God has blessed you in that area.

The brother of the prodigal son shows us then that there is a parallel feeling within the siblings, self. Though the brother committed to his fathers will, he never strayed. Feeling that he was overlooked, he remained working for his father and then here comes his brother that has been out in the real world, taking his rewards and throwing them away. It seemed that the prodigal son became the fathers favorite. This wasn’t true, the father told his other son that his rewards were still there, the prodigal has come back, he is now found, he can now share in the gifts that his father offered.

I feel sometimes as an only child, within a loving family. I feel that I stray and am out of the fold. But I have a loving Father and a loving family that open their arms to welcome me back. To lift me up so that I might have strength to continue in His love, to lay down self and lift up others. The strength of one person is restricted to their conditioning, the knowledge of a family is limited to their wisdom, the strength, the wisdom, the guidance of the Teacher, a Father, a King, a Lord of lords, a Leader is infinite. Less of self and more of Him who in all things are possible.



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A Fathers love.

John 15:10

2 John 1:3

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To have a good relationship with God is to accept His gift that He gave us. Some feel that this is difficult to accept, after all, how are we worthy that God imparts a gift to us? We are not, but the art of giving a gift is it demands sensitvity to the real needs of the recipient, appreciation of his/her integrity as a person, and a willingness to give one’s self through the act of giving. How would you feel if your spouse, or loved one gave you back, or refused the gift that you gave them? Giving is love in action, that is how we know God first loved us

1 John 4:19-21

The Christian faith is the story of a special gift. Special because it is unlike any other gift, it is God’s gift. One of life and love for us in order that we may live and love in our relationships with Him and others. We don’t have any claim that God must meet. He acts first through concern for men and women, and their loneliness, their anxieties, sometimes we feel lonely and isolated from others. He respects our integrity, as persons rather than manipulating us. The gift of life and love is something we have a choice in accepting or rejecting. Three parts in the process of any gift is: 1. the giving; 2. the accepting; 3.the using

Eph. 3:17

Eph. 3:16-19

God bless you on your journey,


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God reveals His will through the Holy Spirit. Through the Holy Spirit God communicates His life-giving power. To love God is to grow in the power of the Holy Spirit. By the power of God the Holy Spirit lives within us. The Holy Spirit is essential in a relationship between God and man.

1 Cor. 12:31

The gifts of the Holy Spirit are wisdom, revelation, prophecy, miracles, helps governments; the fruit of the Holy Spirit is love. Without love I am nothing. Why? The answer to such a simple question reveals the characteristic attitude of Christ and not always that of the Church.

1 Cor. 13:1-2

Gal. 5:22-23

God bless you in your journey.


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“Where is God?…go to Him when your need is desperate, when all other help is in vain, and what do you find? A door slammed in your face, and a sound of bolting and double bolting on the inside. After that, silence. You may as well turn away. The longer you wait, the more emphatic the silence will become. There are no lights in the windows. It might be an empty house. Was it ever inhabited? It seemed so once. And that seeming was as strong as this. What can this mean? Why is He so present a commander in our time of prosperity and so very absent in time of trouble?” – C.S. Lewis’ -A Grief Observed

C.S. Lewis wrote this after his wife Joy Davidman passed away. More of a journal really than a book. As his Step-Son stated in the forward it is simply as the title states, an observance of grief. Lewis never denies God, he struggles with who God is. To me it feels like God was a close friend who let him down when he needed to call in a favor. 

We find ourselves sometimes in that same spot, we care for people and we seek God’s will, we love God with a passion, just to find out that He has a different agenda then ours. (more…)

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In v.32 ‘When Mary reached the place where Jesus was and saw Him, she fell at His feet and said, “Lord, if you had been here, my brother would not have died.” Jesus then looked at her weeping, He also noticed the Jews who came with her they too were weeping. Then v.33 says,’..He was deeply moved in spirit and troubled.’ In v.34 He asked where Lazarus was laid. and in v.35 ‘Jesus wept.’

Let’s not assume as the Jews did in reasoning why Jesus wept in v. 36,’..”See how He loved him!” Yes, Jesus did love Lazarus, He also loved His cousin John yet He didn’t weep for him.

The key lies in the phrases we associate with mourning. Jesus in v.35 was deeply moved in spirit and troubled. KJV reads, ‘He groaned in the spirit.’ The root of the Greek phrase for this literally means to ‘Snort with anger.’ The ones that were the closest to Jesus, did not truly see the importance of Him being the Life. They let their grief blind them. Mary was weeping, Jesus wept.

In the prayer that Jesus prayed to His Father in v. 41-42 ‘..”Father, I thank you that you have heard me. I knew that you always hear me, but I said this for the benefit of the people standing here, that they may believe that you sent me.(more…)

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Our inner guide as Christians is of course the Holy Spirit given to us by God. Most people has someone to direct us in our spiritual journey, a spiritual friend, a minister. These roles should never come between the Christian and the Holy Spirit. Our relationship with God reaches into every aspect of our life, so that all kinds of issues become matters of concern on the journey: compulsions, fears, relational problems with family or work, sexual concerns, etc. These can all have an impact on your spiritual growth and development.

Matthew 28:18-20

The importance of the Holy Spirit in a Christians life and faith has received less attention. For us to regard the Holy Spirit as something vague with a religious aura can deprive us of the strength and guidance that the Spirit seeks to impart.

2 Corinthians 13:14

May God bless you on your journey.


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