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The Triptych

I awoke in the shelter to find a note that told me it was time to go into the village. This was part of my journey, it was time that I went into the heart of this dark world. I was unsure of my purpose, but I knew what to expect, a mixture of those who walk in faith and those that walk with the enemy. The enemy would be strong there, I had heard that his army grew daily. Two shadow scouts would accompany me on my trek. Shadow scouts stay hidden, they check out the territory and will appear to the person they are with when they feel danger near. The reason that there are two is it gives a better balance, one male and one female.

As I enter the village I noticed that there was a blending of those in faith (Monotheist) and those of the enemies (The Afflicted), the scouts kept me focused on which was which. Each group knew their own, some Monotheist avoided me because of my allegiance I once had with The Afflicted, but most in faith came to me to offer water. The enemies troops were no different, they recognized the scars I carried with me. They could smell me as once belonging in darkness, some avoided, and some approached with swords drawn determined to take me back. The scouts guided me to a place which was much like the shelter back in the battlefield. Above we heard the wings of a great beast, it was Darkness coming down on her White Dragon. A fear rushed over me, I knew that she would find me. Darkness is blind and very powerful, an outstanding archer. She can smell those with a past in The Afflicted.

She was now off her dragon and was walking toward me, the scouts grabbed me and held me back to the outer wall of the shelter. She passed the scouts, and walked up to me, I stood still holding my breath as not to make a sound. As she stood in front of me a cloud of unbearable sadness encompassed me, my past flooded my mind and the scouts faded, leaving me alone as I faced my foe. She reached out grabbed my hand and brought it up to her. She breathed a deep breath as she smiled. The scouts appeared and pulled me into an opening of the shelter, as they did an arrow stung deep in my side. I fell by the empty seat of the Great Commander. Darkness dared not follow, but she managed to have hit her mark. I pulled the arrow out on it was scrawled ‘Failure’. I wept bitterly, I looked up above the altar and noticed a Triptych, it was closed and the image it showed was soothing. I reached up and took it down to open it. On each side shown a picture of a sea of people, in the center was a glorious light and an image that emitted a warm comfort. From the center of the Triptych fell a note which read:

This is your Lord, your God, the Great Comforter,

As you journeyed you noticed some of my soldiers that did not approach you. This was not avoidance on their part, you avoided them. They are in the midst of their own battle and it was you who did not approach to offer comfort. The Afflicted knew you because of the hatred you hold for yourself. I cleansed your wounds, the ones you carry now are ones you created. How can you love others when you don’t love yourself? I sent you in the midst of the world to hold your head high, I created you therefore know I love you. I hold love for all of My children, even the ones that have left Me for Darkness. The Afflicted hold a place in My heart, they are blinded by false gods. Hold your head up so you might see into their eyes and the infliction that they carry. I have given you strength and a new life, you hold on to past desires. Choose which one will bring you life and which will bring you to death. You could not see the others needs because you were looking too deep into yourself. Let go of your desires, and focus on My love and the work that is laid out before you. I Am molding you for My purpose. You laid your struggles down at My feet, why do you return to reclaim them? They are no longer yours. What can you achieve with them? Are you so blind that you make yourself a god to choose how to rebuild it? Your stones fall upon each other, you place rocks on top of pebbles fumbling with each. I Am the great architect. Lay your arrow on My footstool and rest for the battle continues, take My words and know that I Am with you.

The Great Commander



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